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Testin the new Keys [26 Mar 2006|02:47pm]
Testing out the possible replacement of my old keyboard, of course it is a normal keyboard that seems to filmsy so I am not sure that it'll make the cut. Of course I now have alot more room on my desk and there is the uncomfortable-ness of having to rest my wrists on the desk and type at a weird angle. I drew something in Computer Arts, but the memory stick is all the way downstairs and I have to plug it in at the back on the box thingy which under the desk.

OK, the keyboard didn't make the cut.
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[15 Mar 2006|02:05pm]
I've learned how to feed myself with only my left hand, that means I can still use the computer mouse. Score! I'm all puffy. My bottom lip is really poofy and I can't really feel where the tube for liquids is. I did manage to peel the bandage off after a shower, ice soaking and steaming it off and yes it did hurt. If you can avoid staying the night at the hospital, it SUCKS. Every hour or so they check up on you, check your blood pressure, change your IV bags. Don't get me started on BEDPANS. I haven't cleaned out my mouth because I can't, lets see... whats in there... Apple Juice, liquid pain killers, liquid anitobitc (nasty), blood, vomit, propel, lemonade, tea, vanilla latte, hot chocolate. Nasty-ness. Yesturday was hell.
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It needs a name [11 Mar 2006|02:28pm]

yes I was bored
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Pun COmic [10 Mar 2006|08:03pm]
Pun comic!!Collapse )
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BASTARDS [09 Mar 2006|10:06pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Just a friendly note to Fox News and CNN: Get over yourselves and we don't need your protection cause there is nothing to protect us from. Guilty by assocation. Invaded by Norway? Don't they LIKE us since we HELPED them during the 2nd World War?

Things you can't live without- brought to you by CanadaCollapse )

Arrogent bastards

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Image, computer arts. [08 Mar 2006|08:28pm]
What do you do in Computer Arts you ask?

When the teacher wasn't looking of course.

They took my blood today, there is a bump right beside where they poked me and it hurtsssss usss preciousssss...

MINA!! OMG! I still have your birthday preseeeeeee.
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SNL [05 Mar 2006|04:03pm]
Anybody see SNL last night with Natalie Portman? Most of it was really funny, one of the funniest was this and the juice one, which I don't have a link for yet. but hey... it was funny.
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Is she threatening me? [26 Feb 2006|07:26pm]
Beware if you are 'Dark Sided', she'll come after you.

Is she related to Stephen Harper?
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*Whines* [20 Jan 2006|08:23pm]
Me wants it, preciousssssss
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Randomness is the lastest thing... of course [18 Jan 2006|05:59pm]

See what happens when there is nothing to do!?!
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Joke of the Momeny [11 Jan 2006|10:26pm]
This joke brought to you in part by the people who sit behind me in math:

What the difference between Light and Hard?


You can sleep with a light on!


Think it over, you'll get it soon enough...
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New Layout [09 Jan 2006|05:02pm]
New Layout

There is an image up there, you might not be able to see it, but its there.
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[08 Dec 2005|07:46pm]
Remember people DON'T VOTE CONSERVATIVE. If Stephen Harper becomes the Prime Minister, I'm so leaving. He bugs the hell out of me, that bastard....
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[01 Dec 2005|08:32pm]
Here is my update. Party over at Mina's LJ. PARTY ON!

poor obi
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GRRRRRRRRRRRRR [09 Nov 2005|08:52pm]
An hour and half trying to get my TV to work, after about an hour trying to get the video editor to work. In the end I can't connect my DV camera to the compy and parts of my TV are screwy. I hate computers sometimes.
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... [04 Nov 2005|08:44pm]
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3 hour delay [29 Oct 2005|05:13pm]
New motherboard and A VIDEO CAMERA! EEEEEEEE!!! love!
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Druuuugs! [21 Oct 2005|07:05pm]
Drugs! Drugs! Sex! Drugs!

Yep, that sums up the movie. Its a good movie.
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Flail like a dead fish [19 Oct 2005|10:07pm]
I can hear voices in my headphones again. Its the kind of voice that is deep and you can make out the words. It bothers me.
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Just Cause... [18 Oct 2005|07:11pm]
imperfectible takes kick-ass pictures if you didn't know that already.

See what you get when you actually use the school thing in LJ?
Still don't have that digital camera I was promised.

just cause I had nothing better to do...
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